X-Ray and Ultrasound Scan at Home

Tikotra Doctor at Home

Tikotra brings you the best diagnostic professional to your doorstep for an accurate X-ray and Ultrasound Scan.

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Get scanned at your own home

Tikotra knows the difficulties and risks you face when moving your immobile/bed-ridden family member for a diagnostic test.
Tikotra is happy to bring home-based diagnostic services – both x-ray and ultrasound – to your home. 
So, your care-needing loved-one can get their diagnostic scans done without pain or risks.

Low-radiation X-ray at your home

How long has your immobile loved one lived with their pain rather than get it diagnosed with an X-ray?
Tikotra brings X-ray scans to the comfort of your own home.
No queues. No commutes. Above all – your loved one is not needlessly disturbed for the sake of getting an x-ray scan done. What’s more?

  • Low-radiation
  • High-quality digital X-ray
  • Same day Prints
  • Trained technicians, Quick and simple procedure
  • Economical and hassle-free
  • Doctors’ consultation or 2nd opinion on x-ray reports – as needed

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Ultrasound Scan at Your Home

Patients requiring an ultrasound scan, often face difficulties with the poor and unsanitary infrastructure present at the scan center.
This is further exacerbated by long waits at the center and equally long commutes to get there.
Tikotra can now help you bid farewell to all such woes!

Get scanned in the hygiene and comfort of your home, and at a time of your choice without queues and commutes!

Tikotra is glad to offer home-based ultrasound scan services to your bed-ridden/immobile family member. 

Why Tikotra?

  • Done at your own home – hence no queues, no commutes; done at your own convenience with needful safety protocols
  • Hygienic and safe environment of Home
  • Qualified sonology-technicians trained by experienced sonologist
  • Modern ultrasound equipment
  • Quick and accurate reports
  • Access to a doctor’s a consultation / second opinion on scan report – if needed

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