Anonymous Mental Health Counseling for Valentine’s Day

Tikotra’s anonymous online counseling helps alleviate the stress and pain that some people feel around Valentine’s Day.

It is often during festive times, I.e times of love, joy and happiness that we sometimes feel at our worst. Valentine’s day is recognized as sometimes causing additional pain to people already overcoming problems in their love-lives.

Tikotra’s associated mental health counselors have years of experience in counseling persons with difficulties in their relationships.

Why Tikotra?


No name or personal details required

Fully Online

No in-person visits needed to the clinic

Pay as you go

No long term commitment needed

Experienced Counselors

Psychiatrists and Psychologists with years of experience in treating mental health issues

Our therapist’s take:

If this day is not going to bring you cherished memories… Please don’t shy to share your thoughts with anyone who is willing to listen and WE are one among them, available and reachable

Dr. Swetha Raghavan, MBBS, DPM

Free Trial

Leave your details below for a 10minute free trial with our mental health counselors


    30min Session

    ₹ 999/-
    (incl taxes)

    You will receive an SMS to sign up for our 30minute session after you’ve taken the free trial.

    Note: For the privacy of our clients, the invoice will have a generic line-item of “Healthcare Facilitation Services” to avoid any mention of mental health counseling in your records.


    Who can use these services?

    Anyone over the age of 18 can use our services

    What are some signs that I would require counseling?

    If you’ve had difficultly forming or holding relationships, if you’re feeling less confident about yourself or you’ve been in a physically or emotionally abusive or toxic relationship, then counseling will be helpful for you.

    Can counseling really help me?

    Absolutely yes. The very act of reaching out for help is the first step to overcoming the problem.

    Is the counseling only for relationship issues?

    No, our mental health counselors are experienced in handling all types of mental health issues.

    Can I use these services if I’m taking medication?

    We recommended consulting your existing therapist before using our services. You can use our services, but do inform our mental health counselors about the medication you are taking.

    Is there a free trial I can take?

    Yes, we have a quick 10minute session with our mental health counselor that you can use to find out if you’ll benefit from counseling.

    Are the services truly anonymous?

    Yes. We do not ask for your personal details for the counseling.
    However we do require your contact information to actually render the service remotely.

    What if I’m not satisfied with the services?

    In the rare case that you’re not satisfied with our services, we will refund any unused slots that you have in credit with us.

    Can I change to a different mental health counselor with you?

    Yes, please just leave a note when subscribing and we’ll switch you over to another mental health counselor.


    • Anonymous counseling is not a substitute for full counseling as per medical guidelines
    • Any advice rendered by counselors on Tikotra’s platform, are the rendered by the counselors directly in their professional capacity. Tikotra takes no responsibility for any advice rendered.
    • No medication will be prescribed during anonymous counseling under any circumstances
    • Customers suffering from severe mental health issues should get full counseling as per medical guidelines
    • Customers who have already been diagnosed with prior mental health illnesses, should first consult their existing counselor/physician
    • Tikotra will hold no responsibility for customers contacting counselors outside of Tikotra’s platform
    • No refunds will be issued under any circumstances