USG at home

Male Doctor checking older male patient's pulse with a Stethoscope

Easy, comprehensive in-home USG services

Sonography scans without hospital visits; ideal for bedridden patients.

Tikotra’s ultrasonography professionals can provide high-quality scans in the comfort of home. This service includes:

Expert-level scans just like in a hospital.

When you use our USG at home service, you’re still benefiting from hospital-grade treatment

Female orthopedician checking an older male patient's hand xray scan

Practised technicians for high-quality scans.

Our Sonologists have a wide range of experience offering in-home USG support

Young female doctor wearing a Stethoscope

Same-day reporting for fast results.

Don’t wait weeks for your scans to come back. Recuperating or bedridden patients enjoy sonography/ultrasonography reports that day

Female lab technician analyzing sample through a microscope

Private appointments in the comfort of home.

Have your USG appointment in complete privacy, at your bedside

Female Doctor with speech bubble waving through phone screen to female patient

Time-saving scheduling with planned visits.

No waiting rooms, Your sonography/ultrasonography technician will visit your home on the booking date

Young female doctor wearing a Stethoscope

Blood clot scans to detect issues early.

Easily check for blood clots via a carotid Doppler test or carotid ultrasound, blood flow meter, Limb Arterial or Venous Doppler test at home

Nurse with face mask writing on patient case sheet

Body cavity scans to aid in diagnosis.

Book a high-quality abdominal or pelvic ultrasound, renal or KUB USG at home

Male Doctor holding case file of patient

Routine check-ups for your peace of mind.

Even if you’re bedridden, book your USG scan at home to stick to your preventive care plans

Attender pushing male old patient in a wheelchair

Specialist reviews are available if needed.

Should your USG report contain anything concerning, a specialist doctor can offer interpretation online without delay

Male Doctor checking older male patient's pulse with a Stethoscope

Get your USG done at home for a change

Our healthcare team is ready to serve you. Let us know your requirements in the live chat.


Could take an ultrasound for my mother at home with ease.... Show More

...The doctor came at the scheduled time, was extremely kind and informative and clarified all questions Very much appreciated with regards Shymala

Mrs. Shymala

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I have taken ECG for my mother-in-law Excellent patient service with good guidelines. Thank you so much Josiwin Wonderful support

Thanks and Regards

Mrs. Kalpana

Josephine the ECG technician did a great job.... Show More

...She was exceptionally gentle & encouraging. She was very efficient

Mrs. Poonam Raj

This I have to give special note that, when I was in trouble regarding my husband’s health condition... Show More


The timely help rendered by you can’t be forgettable

Guru Nathan

Mr. Gurunathan

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