Sanitizers – one of the frontline needs to face and drive away COVID-19!

tikotra distributing hand sanitizers to police

It is a conflict with mankind versus COVID-19. The battle is getting legendary. We are fighting it tooth and nail, all over the world. But, our armoury is new. It is not guns or bullets. Instead, it is fought with masks, tissues, sanitizers, sleeves & handkerchiefs.

The combat’s gestures are also different. There is little need for a ninja-pose or a samurai’s swag. Rules are different here. Social distancing and coughing into your elbow are our new combat stances.

Tikotra – the fast-growing home healthcare service provider in India -headquartered in Chennai ups the ante in this milieu.

Hand sanitizers have fast become a rare thing to spot – be it at pharmacies or supermarkets. 

Why is there a dearth of hand sanitizers?

Hand Hygiene is one of the most important hygiene practices. Hand sanitizers play an important role in hygiene. Fight against COVID-19 demands not only washing your hands with hand wash but also sanitizing your hands. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers hence are the most sought-after combat tool. Little wonder, there is an unprecedented demand for these disinfectants. Outcome- Essential service providers such as police personnel – who are more at risk – are stranded with nil / limited supply of hand sanitizers.

Police personnel hardly have access to soap and water.  Sanitizers are handy cleansers; they are easy to carry and they ensure hands are disinfected as Police personnel perform their duties.

In light of the short supply, Tikotra donated hand sanitizers to our police and traffic personnel in various locations in Chennai.

The sanitizing trail of Tikotra is captured through Chennai’s map below

About Tikotra
Tikotra’s home-based healthcare services comprise MDs with rich patient-care experiences. Physicians visit patients’ homes and provide needful medical care.

Tikotra provides a structured platform for licensed and fully qualified medical professionals to visit patients in the comfort, privacy and safety of their homes.

Care-offered includes examination, diagnosis, prescription of drugs and rehab support through well-qualified nurses. Added rehab care is also provided through physiotherapists for needful patients.

Tikotra is a boon for elderly patients, newly-delivered moms, patients with chronic ailments such as diabetes, BP, immobile patients – especially those with orthopaedic disorders, etc. 
You can reach Tikotra through +1800 313 1883 for more details.

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