Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy forms part of the Terms and Conditions of this website. Your usage of this website is contingent on your acceptance of this policy and the associated Terms and Conditions.

1. Personally Identifiable Information

During your usage of this website, we collect personally identifiable information from you such as Name, Phone Number, Email, Address, IP Address, Browser and OS information and others.

Some of these are optional and only collected from you when you explicitly request for our services, and agree to the associated terms and conditions.

2. Cookies

In addition to personally identifiable information above, all visits to our website require the use of a web-cookie to serve the relevant webpages to you.

Your consent is explicitly taken before any service request is made on our website. Your information is also used to update you on any future services which maybe relevant to you.

Information about you is retained in keeping with medico-legal guidelines. However, if you wish to opt out of our services, you may contact us at care [at-the-rate] and convey your request and reasons.

4. Third Parties

This website is built with the industry best practices to ensure it is resistant to information theft/loss.

Your information is not shared with any third parties except those required to render the services you have reqeusted. We may also share you information with third parties if required by law to do so.

Some analytical data maybe shared with third party service providers about your use of our website in order to improve our services. This information maybe personally identifiable by the third party service providers, if you are logged into their services.

Your payment details are not collected or stored on our website, and is instead handled by the relevant payment gateways.

5. Recourse

In case you have any queries about our policies, please contact us as care [at-the-rate]

Deccan Techlogic Pvt Ltd reserves the right to update this privacy policy and the terms and conditions of this website.