Online Doctor Consultation

Get connected with us for FREE consultation, Expert Doctors just a click away for all your health problems.

We understand your concerns of visiting hospitals for every small illnesses, may it be for general health check-up, seasonal fever, acute diseases, chronic illness, and much more.

Tikotra provides an online platform and connects you with the experienced Physicians.

Why Tikotra?


Full confidentiality maintained


Valid in all pharmacies

Male/Female Doctors

Women patients can choose their preference

Experienced Physicians

Senior physicians with years of experience to attend to all your health problems

Our Doctor’s take:


Dr. S/Dr. v

Free Consultation

₹ 0

  • 10 Minute consultation
  • Fully Private
  • Experienced MBBS & MD
  • Upgrade to Premium anytime


    Basic Consultation

    ₹ 399

    Prices incl all taxes

    • 30 Minute consultation
    • Comprehensive advice
    • e-prescription available
    • Fully Private
    • Experienced MBBS

    Premium Consultation

    ₹ 499

    Prices incl all taxes

    • 30 Minute consultation
    • Comprehensive advice
    • e-prescription available
    • Fully Private
    • Experienced MD


    Who can use these services?

    Anyone over the age of 18 years can use our service.

    Why online consultation is preferred in today’s times?

    To skip the queues and avoid transmission of new illness and Infections. You can take consultation at your convenient place and time and connect with any of our specialists/physicians.

    Will doctor be able to justify and provide the treatment in Online Consultation like we have in person/direct consultations?

    Our doctors will give you expert advice on your problem and help you identify next steps which includes further tests, medicine recommendation or lifestyle tips. Few cases require for face to face examination and we do ask patients to share pictures or reports if they can, for a conclusive diagnosis and plan of care.

    Is my consultation private with my doctor?

    All your medical history and online consultation with us are completely private and confidential. We are compliant with industry standards to ensure your consultation are securely store.

    What if I’m not satisfied with the services?

    In the rare case, that you’re not satisfied with our services, we will refund any unused slots that you have in credits with us.

    What if I don’t get response from the doctor?

    You are assured to get a response from your preferred doctor.

    Are your prescriptions valid across India?

    Yes, our e-prescriptions confIrm to the Indian medical guidelines and will be accepted in all pharmacies across India.

    Is there a free trial I can take?

    Yes, we have a quick 10minute session with our MBBS/MD Doctor that you can use.


    • Any advice rendered by healthcare professionals on Tikotra’s platform, are the rendered by the healthcare professionals directly in their professional capacity. Tikotra takes no responsibility for any advice rendered.
    • Providing false information to healthcare professional in order to gain illegal access to medication is punishable by law
    • Customers suffering from severe gynaecological issues are recommend to speak to their treating physicians first
    • Customers who have already been diagnosed with prior gynaecological issues, should first consult their existing healthcare professional
    • Tikotra will hold no responsibility for customers contacting healthcare professionals outside of Tikotra’s platform
    • No refunds will be issued under any circumstances