• Physician Consultation at home for only ₹999/-
  • ECG check at home for only ₹399/-
  • Blood Sugar monitoring at home for only ₹99/-

Tikotra takes care of your primary healthcare needs by bringing Doctors and other medical professionals to the comfort, privacy and safety of your home.

When would I need homecare?

If you or your loved one is

Susceptible to infections

Unable to spare time to visit hospital/clinic

Unable to wait in long queues to see their doctor

Requires periodic check-ups

A post operative patient



How to get started?

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    Tikotra cares for your safety

    Doctors on Tikotra’s platform only provide basic and non-emergency services. If you have any of the following conditions immediately call national ambulatory services 102 or visit your nearest hospital for emergency care.

    • Poisoning
    • Unconsciousness
    • Paediatric care
    • Gynaecology &Obstetrics care
    • Road accidents
    • Choking
    • Emergency care
    • Stroke
    • Burns
    • Snake bite/Insect bite
    • Heart attack
    • Ante natal care
    • Critical illness