Home care for Bedridden Patients

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We understand the importance of Bedridden patient care and bring the finest healthcare professionals to cater to your healthcare needs.

Home care for Bedridden Patients

With Nuclear families being common among young working couples in today’s fast-paced life, couples don’t often get the chance to spend time and take care of their elders.

However, despite great advances in medical care, elders still face numerous challenges in living independently. Brain disease is one of the main reasons causing inactivity leading to patients in bedridden condition. Weakness and sometimes breaking of bones in old age are other major reasons causing bedridden patients.

Home care for bedridden patients is much needed in current times, which is challenging and demanding at the same time.

We, at Tikotra understand how much care and patience is needed to take care of bedridden patients. Our team comprises of trained nursing and attendants to give best possible with safety and empathy.

Compassionate Nursing care at the comfort of your home is the best thing you can experience in times of need.

However, mundane routine, inactivity and bedridden situation affects not only the physical well-being but the mental health too.

Bedridden patients easily become susceptible to depression because they have lost their autonomy, or maybe because of their limited social interactions.

It’s equally important to address emotional and mental health needs of such patients along with their physical well- being.

We at tikotra takes an initiative to not only serve them for physical needs but for their mental health needs too. We Provide Psychiatry consultation to our patients at the comfort of their home and strive to help our patients know they are still a part of our community.

How to book at-home bedridden care service with us?

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