ECG Check at Home

Tikotra Doctor at Home

Tikotra brings you the best diagnostic professional to your doorstep for an accurate ECG Test.

  • ECG check at home for only ₹599 Incl of Taxes *

ECG Test at Home

The at-home Electrocardiogram test for cardiac patients is a boon.

Our advanced portable ECG is used to detect the abnormalities of the heart like abnormal heart rhythms that may cause heart failure, heart attack, and other anomalies.

We do the ECG at the comfort, privacy, and safety of your home, which is a non-invasive, painless test with quick and accurate results.

How to book an appointment with us?

Booking for a ECG at home with Tikotra is simple.

  • Give a call on our Toll-Free Number and ask for the service (or)
  • Visit our website and fill the enquiry form

Our medical team will get in touch with you, ask you to share your prescription and schedule your appointment for a preferred time.