COVID 19 vaccine opens to certain members of the public.

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Members of the public fulfilling certain medical criteria, are now permitted to be vaccinated. Tikotra’s partner hospitals and clinics have been selected as vaccination centers for Covid-19 Coronavirus by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

Tikotra performs a free screening of you and your family to check your eligibility and guides you through the full vaccination procedure.

Why choose Tikotra as your vaccination partner?

Direct Access

Tikotra coordinates directly with partner hospitals to ensure you and your family have a smooth vaccination

No redtape

No need to learn the complexities of the vaccination process, Tikotra streamlines it for you

Expert Advice

Prior evaluation by our healthcare team to ensure you are not turned down for vaccination due to medical conditions

Family Pack

Tikotra allots vaccination slots to you and your family members as a group so multiple visits to hospitals can be minimized

How does it work?

  • Leave your contact details below to have our healthcare team contact you and begin your vaccination process
  • Our healthcare team will do an on-call evaluation of all members of your family to ensure you are eligible for the vaccination
  • Once all members are approved for vaccination, Tikotra will forward your details to our partner hospitals
  • You will receive an SMS from the central government portal about your successful booking for vaccination along with details of the time and place
  • Tikotra will coordinate with the hospital on the dates of your first and second dose to ensure a smooth journey
  • After both doses of your vaccination, you will receive a govt approved certificate to show your vaccination status.

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    Who are eligible for early vaccination?

    Those over the age of 60 and those over the age of 45 and fulfilling certain medical criteria, would be eligible for the vaccine.

    Those with certain pre-existing medical conditions maybe barred from receiving the vaccine for their safety.

    Can I register myself for the vaccination?

    No, the central registration portal only permits hospitals and government bodies to register patients for vaccination.

    Can I self evaluate my eligibility?

    The complexities of the inclusion and exclusion criteria for the vaccination requires healthcare professionals to take an informed decision based on the patient’s profile. Tikotra performs this entire evaluation for FREE for your entire family.

    Can I approach the hospital directly for vaccination?

    No, hospitals are not handling walk-in patients at present. All those requiring vaccination MUST be registered ahead of time.

    Can I choose which brand of vaccine I want?

    Unfortunately, the choice of vaccine is pre-determined by the Government of India, and neither Tikotra nor our partner hospitals can decide on the brand of vaccine.

    Where will the vaccine be administered?

    The vaccine will be administered in one of our partner hospitals which have been approved by the Govt of Tamil Nadu as vaccination centers.

    Can I choose when and which hospital I want to be vaccinated at?

    Unfortunately, due to very limited slots, the time and hospital and will be pre-determined based on availability. However, Tikotra will try and ensure that your family gets the same/similar slots for your comfort.

    Will the vaccine certificate be accepted by authorities?

    The vaccine certificate/acknowledgment issued at the end of the vaccination process is approved and notified to the Government of India.

    Is early vaccination legal?

    Yes, the entire process from start to finish is done in coordination with hospital and government authorities. At the end of the vaccination you will receive an official vaccination certificate barcoded by the Government of India.

    Can I get my vaccination done at home?

    Unfortunately, home vaccination is not permitted at this time.

    Will I be required to get vaccinated for work/travel?

    At present, there is no mandate to be vaccinated for work or travel. However, as the vaccination not drives continues, it is likely that a vaccine certificate will be required to work/travel.

    What kind of symptoms can I expect after vaccination?

    COVID-19 vaccination will help protect you from getting COVID-19. You may have some side effects, which are normal signs that your body is building protection. These side effects may affect your ability to do daily activities, but they should go away in a few days.

    Common side effects can be Fever, Chills, Tiredness, Headache, or pain/ swelling at the site of vaccination.

    What are the charges?

    Tikotra does not charge for vaccination evaluation and registration.

    However, charges by the hospital, if any, should be discussed with the respective hospital once SMS has been received.


    • Tikotra and its associated healthcare professionals only evaluates the patient for health risks as per medical guidelines
    • Tikotra makes no guarantee that patient will be found for early vaccination
    • Vaccination, if suitable, will be administered by and at the hospital only
    • Date/Time allotted by the partner hospitals is at the discretion of the hospital
    • Payment terms for vaccination, if any, should be discussed with the hospital directly
    • Tikotra makes no guarantee on the choice/brand or efficacy of the vaccine
    • Vaccination contains inherent risks, patient is advised to discuss with their consulting Doctor on the risks associated with vaccinations. Tikotra will not be responsible for any adverse reactions to the patient stemming from the vaccine