Diagnostic Services at Home

Tikotra Doctor at Home

  • Avail up to 45% discount on diagnostic services at home with Tikotra.

Diagnostic Services at Home

Timely detection and correct diagnosis is a crucial aspect of disease management. Tikotra aims to provides diagnostic services at home which helps to provide preventive and curative care at the comfort of your home.

  • Sample collection at home
  • Quick and Accurate reports
  • Reports sent through emails
  • Coordination with Doctors on Tikotra’s platform for guidance and reviews
  • Convenient and time-saving

Avail Special Discounts on all Lab test packages at home by Tikotra.

S.NoPackages MRP Discounted Price
1Essential Care Pack ₹1,510.00899.00
2Cardiac profile ₹40402399
3Thyroid profile₹500299
4Diabetic Profile₹980599
5Special women’s care pack₹35352299
6Kidney profile₹910599
7Lipid profile525299
8Liver function test 17801199
9Mens care pack83155699
S.NoAdvanced Care Packages MRP Discounted Price
1Advanced Care pack₹2645₹1499
2Advanced Care pack₹64953899
3Thyroid Profile(Free T3/T4)₹600399
4Thyroid Profile(Free T3/T4)₹58553299
5Advanced Women’s care pack₹64603899
6Comprehensive lipid Profile₹780599
7Comprehensive Plus Lipid Profile1150899
8Advanced Liver Function Test 28401799

How to book at-home Diagnostic service with us?

Booking for at-home diagnostics services with Tikotra is simple.

Just call us on our toll-free number and our medical team will get details of your prescription and schedule the sample collection/test at your convenient time.