Contraceptive Online Consultation with Gynaecologist

From advice on birth control to prescriptions for contraceptives, Tikotra’s Gynaecologists are here to help women even during emergencies

The modern woman leads a healthy and active life, and often requires advice and consultations far beyond what is capable of being given by family; and sometimes cannot be comfortably discussed with family due to stigma.

Tikotra’s associated gynaecologists have years of experience in helping independent women take informed decisions on their bodies and avoid unplanned outcomes.

Why Tikotra?


Full confidentiality maintained


Valid in all pharmacies


In depth video/audio discussions with your doctor as good as at a clinic

Experienced gynaecologists

With years of experience in women’s sexual health

Our gynaecologist’s take:

No woman should have stigma hinder her choices. Contraception and birth control are a natural and healthy part of a woman’s life. Do not hesitate, we are here to help

Dr. Sujatha Mbbs, dnb (obg)., mnams
senior consultant (obsterician and gynaecologist)

Free Consultation

₹ 0

  • 10 Minute consultation
  • Fully Private
  • Experienced gynaecologists
  • Upgrade to Premium anytime


    Premium Consultation

    ₹ 999

    ₹ 799

    Prices incl all taxes

    • 30 Minute consultation
    • Comprehensive advice
    • e-prescription available
    • Fully Private
    • Experienced gynaecologists


    Who can use these services?

    Anyone over the age of 18 can use our services

    What sort of matters can I discuss online?

    Anything you would discuss with your Gynecologist in person, can be discussed here. The platform is entirely private and secure

    Are the services truly private?

    Yes. The exact nature of your consultations will not be disclosed to any unrelated third parties.

    Can I discuss birth control and contraceptives with the Gynaecologist?

    Yes, you can.

    Am I expected to disclose details of my family/partners for consultations on sexual heath?

    No, these details can be shared with our Gynecologist only if you are comfortable and feel it’s relevant.

    Can I use these services if I’m taking medication?

    We recommended consulting your existing gynaecologist before using our services. You can use our services, but do inform our healthcare team about the medication you are taking.

    Can the gynaecologist prescribe medication for me?

    Yes, in our premium consultation, the gynaecologist can prescribe medication for you if she deems it necessary.

    Are your prescriptions valid across India?

    Yes, our e-prescriptions conform to the Indian medical guidelines and will be accepted in all pharmacies across India.

    Is there a free trial I can take?

    Yes, we have a quick 10minute session with our gynaecologist that you can use.


    • Any advice rendered by healthcare professionals on Tikotra’s platform, are the rendered by the healthcare professionals directly in their professional capacity. Tikotra takes no responsibility for any advice rendered.
    • Providing false information to healthcare professional in order to gain illegal access to medication is punishable by law
    • Customers suffering from severe gynaecological issues are recommend to speak to their treating physicians first
    • Customers who have already been diagnosed with prior gynaecological issues, should first consult their existing healthcare professional
    • Tikotra will hold no responsibility for customers contacting healthcare professionals outside of Tikotra’s platform
    • No refunds will be issued under any circumstances